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TMC Industries Inc.

TMC Industries Inc.



About Us

TMC Industries, Inc. specializes in custom distillation services using high vacuum molecular distillation as an intermediate or final step in the processing of your heat-sensitive natural oils and specialty chemicals. We utilize short-path, thin-film molecular distillation under medium to high vacuum and multi-plate fractionation to separate, concentrate and purify your materials.

TMC is a full-stocking supplier of Krytox PFPE oils and greases, Vertrel fluorocarbon solvents, Galden heat transfer fluids, NanoLub engine oil additives, plus vacuum pump fluids under our own private label.

We reclaim vacuum pump oils and specialty fluorinated fluids, restoring them to their original condition and purity. Our 30,000 sq. ft. facility allows us to process both large and small volumes of specialty oils and fluids.

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