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Senior Living Insights & AthenaCare Medication Management Solutions, LLC.

Senior Living Insights & AthenaCare Medication Management Solutions, LLC.


Medical Equipment and SuppliesAssisted Living/Skilled Nursing Facility

About Us

Make your home safer with CDC recommended Fall Prevention tips, which when combined with our technology platform, allows Caregivers to take a proactive approach to helping their loved-one not only stay in the home longer, but also thrive in it. The technology platform utilizes an app that can be accessed on a laptop or cell phone, along with non-wearable/non-invasive sensors. Our proprietary system provides the Caregiver with instantaneous alerts if a fall occurs in the home, medication is missed, or there’s a noticeable change to the monitored individual’s activities-of-daily-living. For example, if a fall occurred while getting out of bed the Caregiver will be sent an alert within seconds of the sensor being triggered that an individual is on the ground. The Caregiver can then have the area assessed by a care professional who may recommend lowering the bed, adding handrails, or incorporating Physical Therapy to help increase balance and strength. We’ve found that the system works best when the Caregiver shares the app with the home healthcare professional, and/or a Physical Therapist who is providing care inside the home. Sharing the data provides the care provider with insights that they normally wouldn’t be aware of (i.e. hidden falls, gait speed, unusual changes).

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