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What is Carver County Public Health?

Carver County Public Health is a department operating in Carver County that works to prevent disease and promote and protect the health of all county residents.

What does Carver County Public Health do?

Carver County Public Health promotes and protects the health of Carver County residents and communities. While a doctor treats people who are sick, public health works to prevent people from getting sick or injured in the first place. Its many duties include tracking disease outbreaks, preventing injuries, helping communities prepare for emergencies, supporting access to healthy food and activity, and encouraging healthy choices and behaviors.

Why is Carver County Public Health’s work important to me?

The value of a strong public health system is all around us. Everyone benefits from safer water, cleaner air, and safe food at clean restaurants. It’s the thousands of people whose lives are saved by seat belts; the young people who say ‘No!’ to tobacco; the children given a healthy start, thanks to vaccines; the workforce that is strong and productive due to their good health; and the seniors who can remain vital, contributing members of the community. We are all living examples of an effective public-health system in Carver County.

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